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Has anyone had chipping and cracking of the stones? My ring was purchased in Sept 2011 and I began wearing it Oct 2011 (engagement) and with the band March 2012. By May 2012 I had to send it in to fix a broken stone, which we paid for... it was resolved and sent back and we took it as an anomaly. October 2013, I have two more chipped/cracked/broken stones, including the center (yikes!).

I have emailed customer service and I am awaiting a quote. I am not hard on my ring and with 3 broken stones in two years my husband and I am wondering what is going on.

I even have the two rings soldered to help from banging into one another. If anyone has been in my shoes, please let me know what your experience was/is....thanks!

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #933396

Same issue. Had two repairs in less than 2 years, totaling $155 and my wife is not hard on her ring.

Unfortunately there is not much I can do but pay for the repair or lose out the sentimental value of the ring and the 2500 originally paid. I would've thought the stones wouldn't crack and chip as easy if they are truly almost as dense as a real diamond. Buyers beware of moissanite bridal and moissanite fine jewelry.

By asking me to pay for repairs within the 1st yr. then again several months later tells me they do not really stand by their product.

York, York, United Kingdom #917628

im pretty sure moissanite co offer free replacement of stones in their jewellery if it's through no fault of the customers own, though i find it very hard to believe you've managed to break that many stones and nto been rough on it, even glass would unlikely keep breaking like that

to panther #933433

Unfortunately they do not offer any free repairs. When my stone cracked within 2 months they said it was my fault.

And when they crack, they turn gray, lackluster.

I have had two crack, one fell out and my center stone is chipped but still sparkles.

to panther Dayton, Ohio, United States #1211232

there are many reports of broken stones within a year or two on various review sites involving this company's products. You must work for this company. That is the only reason I could see for a person who owns this product to randomly get online and make a review about any product for which they have had no problems.

Seattle, Washington, United States #753493

I have a diamond eternity ring that has lost one stone and I have cracked several over the years. I have had three different jewelers tell me it happens with eternity rings because the stones go all the way around.

I don't know how hard Moissanite is, but if diamonds can break, I imagine just about any gemstone can.

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