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I ordered a wedding set from MoissaniteCo after reading amazing reviews on a website that I frequented at the time. When the ring came, the main stone was set noticeably crooked. I sent it back to have it fixed and sent back to me. When it came back, it was straighter, but still looked sloppy. Unfortunately, in my excitement at having the ring come, I had given it a quick once over and taken the tag off (meaning I could no longer return it).

Fastforward a couple months and the band of my ring had started to warp. Upon contacting the company, I received no response, so I posted on a couple boards that I had seen the owners on. They basically bashed me, told me it was my fault and they would not be held liable for this. The company told me that I should've known that purchasing a ring with such a thin band made out of palladium, I should've expected it to warp and I should've done my research. As a matter of fact, I did do my research, however, I am by no means a jewelry expert and I expected a company to stand behind their product and only offer products that could withstand more than a couple of months or normal wear.

Today I took my ring to a local jeweler to see if they could fix the warping. He showed me the ring under a microscope and showed me some lines that I had noticed before but not paid much attention to - he said that was evidence that the ring wasn't poured correctly.

So MoissaniteCo...want to try telling me this is my fault too? Or maybe you could stand behind your product for once? It's disappointing that I've had such a bad experience, because I know others LOVE their rings. However, the more I try to get my experience out, the more bad reviews I'm finding...

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Wow.This seems super shady.

I understand a company not wanting bad press but this is BEYOND unprofessional. It's scary that the company is so determined to cover up bad reviews and are even on the brink of being rude on such a public forum. Trust me Moissaniteco she's not the reason you're losing potential clientele on these boards it is your responses. Almost all of your comments on multiple platforms have been about cutting down the consumers complaint.

You give out detailed information about clients and their particular situations that a company should never bring up.

It's poor taste and just all around unnerving.I don't think there is anything wrong showing you're willing to compromise and work with clients on their problems but bringing up how unwilling a client is and telling them that the only way you will replace their ring is if they stop posting about their real experience with your company is poor taste and will forever cause potential buyers to look elsewhere.

to Anonymous Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1183333

You understand that this post is from over 3 years ago, don't you?

And I don't see anything wrong with a company offering to replace a damaged item, at their expensive, in exchange for an agreement that the customer will stop bashing them online.It seems like a fair exchange.

She gets what she is asking for, a new item, and the issue is put to rest.


thank you for your post. i will not be purchasing my ring here.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #691038

Thank you for your post.So it has been sometime now since you had the issues with your moissonite ring.

Has it turned cloudy or lost its luster and fire? All the sites I read the testimonials and they all say they love the ring they received. Their posts are within days of the purchase. No one has actually posted what their ring was like years later.

How is yours?Thank you

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #609692

Of course you are free to post your complaint. You have so on multiple occasions throughout the years on weddingwire.com, betterthandiamond.com, weddingbee.com, this website, etc. When we made the offer to repair the damaged band, which is now well outside of our returns/warranty period, we were hoping to reach a compromise/agreement. We could have simply turned our back on you given your online campaign against us, but we did not. The offer we made is one that we thought was very fair, and we believe most people who read this story will agree was fair as it would have cost you nothing. However you disagreed and rejected it which you are free to do, just as you are free to post here.

Sorry it didn't work out.

Have a nice weekend.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #609611

My name is Mike, and I am posting on behalf of MoissaniteCo.com. The ring the above customer is posting is a petite style band which was damaged (bent). Nevertheless we have requested that she send it back to us for repair, but she has not done so. Because it was purchased several years ago, it falls outside of our warranty period. Nevertheless, a few days before she posted the above the complaint, we offered to replace the band (remake it) at our expense. All we asked in return is that she not post any additional complaints online concerning the ring.

This is one of a number of complaints she has posted online on multiple websites, multiple times, over the space of several years. We felt that it was a reasonable request. Nevertheless she declined it outright.

Faint lines on the inside of the band would be nothing more than polishing marks. The only potential issue would be porosity (but this is not what the jeweler indicated). Therefore I believe the jeweler likely simply didn't want to repair the damaged ring as most jewelers will not lest they be responsible for it going forward ("you fix it, you own it").

We wish she would have taken us up on our offer to replace the band, but unfortunately she did not.

to MoissaniteCo.com Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada #609674

Mike - as I told you before, I did not damage the ring. It could not stand up to 2 years of regular wear. I especially enjoy that in your reply to me (included below), you admit the ring did have a design flaw which didn't allow it to be as strong as it should've been - yet you have never once stood behind your product, but instead chose to argue with and place blame on your customers.

I'm also not sure why it was considered acceptable for you to offer to repair the ring in exchange for my agreement to not post about my experience. Like it or not, that's the beauty of our countries - free speech. As we are living in the 21st century, I try to leave reviews (good and bad) on products, services, etc., as this is a big factor when I choose who to give my business to. Unfortunately for MoissaniteCo, as much as I wanted to, I could not (and would not) leave a good review. You can bet I will continue telling others of my experience (online and in person), regardless of whether you continue seeking out my reviews and trying to dispute them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We have included return instructions below. If you would like to send it back, and we will replace the band free of charge. But we want you to know that we are doing this out of kindness, and we want a promise from you that if the band or ring gets damaged again in the future, that there won't be any future negative posts and discussion topics started...

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